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transparent shrink wrap film bag manufacturers

It uses the high barrier materials with the high oxygen barrier and water vapor barrier layers.It was produced by triple bubble technology. Applied to tuna,cheese,sausage,ham,fresh and frozen beef,mutton,pork packaging with bone-in or boneless.
The products has the following characteristics:
1. With the high oxygen barrier and water vapor barrier.
2. With the high shrinkage rate. But store at room temperature,has good dimensional stability.
3. High tensile strength and puncture resistance ,with the good flexibility at a low temperatures.
4. The powder is inside,easy to open and operating .
Products model:
A100: the shrinkage rate is 26%~30%.
A200: the shrinkage rate is 35%~40%.
A300: boneguard meat packaging,the product thickness is 80μm~125μm.
Products specifications:
1. Thickness:45μm~125μm.
2. The film length:600m,1000m,1500m.
3. Width:150mm~550mm.
4. The bag length:100mm~1000mm.
5. The bag seal type:straight seal,arch seal,side seal.transparent shrink wrap film bag manufacturers

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